The years aren’t always kind to businesses.

Exterior cladding can become weathered and discoloured – which can become a serious eyesore and drive away potential customers. However, re-spraying faded facades is an excellent way of bringing your unit back to life. Ensure your business gets the facelift it needs. Seek out our satisfying and superior spraying services.

First impressions are important. Give your customers a greeting they’ll never forget (or one they won’t remember for the wrong reasons!) Our spraying services don’t require costly replacements of cladding. This makes it a great option for properties looking to go under the hammer in future. Our team use an assortment of innovative measures and mask areas that are not to be sprayed. That way we are able to provide a fantastic finish across a range of surfaces. We strive to be affordable with compromising on quality. In fact, we implement the same standards across all our projects. For years, we have worked hard to build and sustain our outstanding reputation.

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High-Quality Spray Painting Solutions

KSG Painting & Decorating invest in the latest technology and environmentally friendly equipment. That way, our dedicated team can provide a swift turnaround. Our spray painting technicians are trained to provide the best industrial on-site coatings. We promise professionalism and guarantee client satisfaction. When it comes to spraying, our team take on everything – from surface preparation, right through to high-quality paint application. That way, we can ensure a long-lasting finish across various surfaces.

If your business needs a seasoned spraying team, look no further. With our high-calibre, state-of-the-art equipment, KSG Painting & Decorating will fulfil your spraying needs. Whether it’s a large project or a small feature, contact us for a free quotation. We would be more than happy to help. Our team takes pride in refurbishing and restoring facades to their former glory.