Commercial Painting Services

Are you considering hiring a Commercial Painting Service for an upcoming job?

No matter whether it’s an interior or exterior space, KSG Painting & Decorating are here for you. We’ll happily undertake any commercial project and will bring about a high-quality finish.

What might just seem like a paint job to some can deliver so much more. It can provide a cost-effective solution that can transform your commercial space. But what types of businesses would benefit from our commercial painting services?

Amusements – Apartments – Car Parks – Commercial Hallways – Factories – Healthcare – Hospitality – Hotels – Industrial Buildings – Manufacturing Sites – Offices – Restaurants – Schools & Universities – Recreational Facilities – Retail Stores . . . and more!

Although a business owner may fancy a change, they may not know what colour palette they’d wish to work with. This isn’t a problem for KSG Painting & Decorating. Our team can offer more than a word of advice. Colours are a crucial element of the commercial painting process and we’re with you every step of the way. With this said, it’s important to know that colours can have a drastic impact. It might be simple but it can alter the mood of its occupants and your business’s branding. For example, red has passionate undertones and would not be best utilised in a hospital. Whereas a light blue or cream colour would be ideal. There is an intrinsic psychology behind colour selection that individuals naturally feed into. A varied selection can alter the basis of your brand or it can help build it to the next level. We’re here to help with your decision but when you’re out and about, envision it the next time you look around!

So if you have an upcoming job, KSG Painting & Decorating would love to hear from you!

Commercial Painting